The Ocular Creative is CAA Approved drone filming company specialising in Aerial Filming, Photography and Surveying. We are based in Beckenham, just on border of London and Kent and offer our services across the UK .

Our UAV (or drones as they are commonly known) can fly from ground level up to a maximum height of 400 feet, opening up a whole new area of views and opportunities. Unlike aerial filming with helicopters and aircrafts this environment friendly service is simple and quick to setup on location, is cheaper and safer and can allow for the footage to be reviewed instantly when it has been landed. We can also use a video downlink where images from the air can be viewed on the ground in real time, enabling the full control of the filming angles and framing.

CAA Moonrock

You might not need it, but we film in 4k resolution to give us more detail and options when editing. And our aerial photography is high resolution to ensure that you get the crisp, high quality shots you need.

Our drones feature the latest stabilising technology to ensure crystal clear video and images are captured even in windy conditions. Of course there is a limit – we can’t fly in hurricanes for example. After all our priority is the safety.

Our services are split into two categories Aerial Filming & Photography and Aerial Technical Services.

Aerial Filming and Photography offers stunning imagery, providing unique viewpoints and dramatic media for wide range of promotional and production projects.

Aerial Technical Services provide aerial surveys & inspections for construction & industrial industry, agricultural industry and environmental services and provide invaluable data and imagery at the fraction of cost usually associated with this kind of service.

We also offer ground based filming & complete video editing saving you time and money.

Aerial Filming & Photography:

  • Corporate
  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Hotels & Tourism
  • Promotional
  • Developer Advertising
  • Golf Clubs
  • Corporate Events
  • Marketing
  • Indoor Filming
  • Sport Events
  • Music Video

Aerial Technical Services:

  • Building Inspection
  • Roof Surveys
  • Agriculture Surveys
  • Chimney Inspection
  • Wind Farm
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Land & Estate Management
  • Construction Sites
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Road Inspection
  • Rail Inspection
  • Solar Panel Inspection

The possibilities, which new technology in drone industry bring, are endless. For inspections there is no need for potentially dangerous climbs or for scaffolding or expensive equipment hire. Our drone cameras can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Get in touch to chat about your project and we will do our best to help develop the right solution for your business.

Our number one priority is operating safely. The Ocular Creative follows a strict operating procedure and carries out aerial activities to our own Operations Manual which conforms with UK air law and guidance.

Operating within a stringent safety regime, with every task risk assessed to mitigate risk to people and property. Our operational and maintenance procedures ensure the safety of the public, buildings, structures and our crew – with site surveys, pre-flight equipment checks, as well as maintaining flight logs for our aircraft, crew flying hours and maintenance procedures. We regularly review our operating procedures to evaluate safety issues and Operational Manual undergoes review and approval on an annual basis.

The Ocular Creative are CAA approved (Company No. 1996), CDT certified and fully insured with £1million public liability (extendable to clients requirements) – giving you the peace of mind that we film only within strict guidelines and the highest standards of safe operation.