Theatre Photography: Frankenstein

by Davor Tovarlaza @The Ocular Creative

Five-time Offie-Nominated Arrows & Traps bring to life a remarkable brand-new adaptation of this thrilling and haunting gothic tale about the dangers of scientific irresponsibility and parental neglect, in celebration of the 200 years since Mary Shelley wrote the original manuscript.

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Theatre Photography: Crime and Punishment

Four-time Off West End Award Nominated Arrows and Traps present a fantastic dramatic adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s literary masterpiece Crime and Punishment. A tense psychological thriller is story of motive and murder.

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Theatre Photography: Shakespeare’s Othello

Another ★★★★★ play comes from Arrows and Traps Theatre Company. Othello is Shakespeare’s dark and dramatic tragedy. A passionate tale of jealousy, betrayal and misguided trust…

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Theatre Photography: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Arrows and Traps Theatre Company have put together a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy 12th Night. The director Ross McGregor and the cast showed why they…

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Centurion Club aerial view

We have been filming at an exclusive private golf club – The Centurion Club, a relaxed and inclusive Hertfordshire-based venue…

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Gibson Blanc Exhibition

We were fortunate to cover the opening of Gibson Blanc Photographic Exhibition at WtR London. Blanc’s views of the London landscape by night, long exposure

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Clare House Bird’s Eye View Video

Sometimes we are not fully aware of the scale of change until we see it from a different angle. This is a definite case with a new building and grounds at Clare House Primary School in Beckenham. You can’t miss the change

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Theatre Photography: The Gospel According To Philip

Once again we had a pleasure of working with Arrows & Traps Theatre and this time on something different from their usual phenomenal critical acclaimed, bold, alternative and exciting takes on Shakespeare and other classic. This time on their new comedy ‘The Gospel According To Philip’.

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School from the air

The new school building deserves a new view. Clare House Primary School in Beckenham, Kent has moved recently into a new beautiful building, so The Ocular Creative was invited to capture it from a new angle.

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