2nd September 2016 The Ocular Creative

Theatre Photography: The Gospel According To Philip

As photography is all about light, how do you cope when you have to photograph in constantly changing lighting conditions? Where flash is no option in almost total darkness? And at the same time to convey emotion and ambience? And, no pressure added, you’ve only get one chance to get the best photos? Welcome to the world of theatre photography!

Once again we had a pleasure of working with Arrows & Traps Theatre and this time on something different from their usual phenomenal critical acclaimed, bold, alternative and exciting takes on Shakespeare and other classic. This time on their new comedy ‘The Gospel According To Philip’.

The night before the opening at Brockley Jack Theatre we were there to photograph the dress rehearsal for the press use. Theatre play provides a unique and interesting photographic challenge. We knew from our previous collaboration with Arrows & Traps that there will be a lot of dark scenes with constantly changing lights. We were prepared for that. But this time it went a step further with use of a smoke machine and that throw out all our calculations. Literary in to the smoke! The smoke acted as a diffuser and auto focus was almost out of question and we never use a flash in order to keep the original ambience unchanged, so we had to do our best.

Did we enjoyed the challenge? You can bet we did… And the play? Brilliant and hilarious! “It’s a modern Life Of Brian, but with sharper knives,” explains Ross McGregor, Director of Arrows & Traps.